The USGI™ Technology for Endo Luminal Bariatric Procedures

The POSE® 2.0 Primary Endo Sleeve
The ROSE® Endo Revision

The Endo Sleeve-POSE®2 and revisional-ROSE® Procedure, are endoluminal Bariatric procedure treating overweight and obesity, primary or in revision. The Incisionless Operating Platform (IOP®) consists of four distinct working channels allowing devices to address many of the procedure challenges within the gastrointestinal tract. A key component is our Snowshoe® Suture Anchor. These proprietary anchors are designed to overcome the challenges of suturing within the GI tract.

Product Information

The Incisionless Operating Platform (IOP®) is a flexible four-channel tube containing a specialized set of miniaturized endoscopic instruments and small endoscope-camera, are passed through the oesophagus into the stomach. Once in the stomach, the tools are used to grasp, fold, and fasten together sections of stomach tissue.

The IOP system consist of four (4) components:

The four components of the IOP System


Endoluminal Treatments differ from traditional surgical and conservative treatments by their minimal invasive concept with conserving the integrity and anatomy of stomach and intestinal tract, and their good and long-lasting weight-loss results.

The Endo Sleeve

is an ideal solution for patients with excess weight who have not had success with diet and exercise alone, and who do not qualify or do not want to undergo a more extensive form of bariatric surgery. The Endo Sleeve is a much safer, effective and pain-free when compared to the more invasive bariatric procedures.

Advantages of the Endo Sleeve:

ideal for patients with a severe overweight or suffering of being obese, with a need to a long-lasting weight-loss. The anchors-secured folds will reduce the stomach capacity with >50% and shorten the stomach by 30%.

* Non-invasive, non-surgical procedure.
* Procedure performed through the mouth.
* On an outpatient basis with very fast return to normal activities.
* Stomach capacity reduced with >50% and shortened by 30%.
* No cuts, no incisions, and no organs are removed.
* Long-lasting weight-loss.
* Safe and pain-free procedure.

The Endo Revision

The Endo Revision, also known as the ROSE-Procedure is a safe, non-invasive procedure that reverses stretching of the stomach pouch and or stoma-opening, after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery or vertical sleeve gastrectomy. ROSE stands for Restorative Obesity Surgery. Because the Endo Revision is an outpatient procedure done without incisions, the recovery time for the Endo Revision is minimal.

Advantages of the Endo Revision:

* Non-invasive, non-surgical endoluminal procedure.
* Performed through the mouth to reduce the pouch and stoma size.
* The pouch and stoma are reinforced and secured by anchored folds.
* Outpatient procedure, you can leave the same day.
* Pain-free, you will most likely be able to return to your job the very next day.
* Sustainable sutures, remaining in place for many years.

Product Specs


Reference Brand name Description
118180 Transporter Retroflox Access Device
500100 TransporterR Straight Access Device
Outside Diameter: 18 mm / 54Fr. Insertion Length: 74,5 cm Scope Diameter: <6,7 mm


Single use disposable, sterile

Snowshoe Suture® Anchor Pair

Snowshoe Suture Anchor Pair
Reference Brand name Description
208100 g-Cath EZ-2 EZ Delivery Catheter

The “g-Cath EZ Delivery Catheter” is comprised a pair of Snowshoe suture anchors and a delivery catheter.

The Snowshoe suture anchor pair is primarily comprised of polyester suture material.  It then serves the purpose of apposing or plicating tissue without the requirement for the clinician to tie manual knots to hold the tissue in place, as in traditional suturing.

Single use, sterile Delivery Catheter Insertion Length: 127 cm

g-Lix™ Tissue Grasper

g-Lix Tissue Grasper
Reference Brand name Description
301010 g-Lix Tissue Grasper

The g-Lix Endoscopic Grasper is indicated for use in minimally invasive procedures to facilitate tissue grasping and mobilization.

Outside Diameter: 3,2 mm Insertion Length: 121 cm Helix Length: 7 mm


Single use disposable, sterile

g-Prox® EZ Endoscopic Grasper

g-Prox EZ Endoscopic Grasper
Reference Brand name Description
208220 g-Prox EZ-33

33 mm Endoscopic Grasper

208200 g-Prox EZ-16

16 mm Endoscopic Grasper

The g-Prox Endoscopic Grasper is indicated for use in minimally invasive procedures to facilitate tissue grasping and mobilization.  

Outside Diameter: 5,5 mm Stainless Steel Jaws Length: 33 & 16 mm Jaws Width: 20 mm


Single use disposable, sterile

Product Documentation

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POSE 2.0





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Technical specifications

power: 100 – 240V (50/60Hz)
AC Cooling medium: CO2 – 78°C or N2O-89°
Dimensions: 39/42/19
Weight: 11kg

User friendly interface

Cryo-S Painless is controlled by a microprocessor and all the parameters are displayed and monitored on a LCD screen. Cryoprobe temperature, cylinder pressure, gas flow inside of cryobrobe and procedure time are displayed during freezing.