Needleless – The Single Incision SUI Mesh

A less invasive solution with the best results

Product Information

Patented T-Pocket Positioning System.
Precise fixation and easy placement.

– Same cure rate as TOT, minimizing post-operative pain.

– Simple surgical technique. Fast and easy placement.

– Optional local anesthesia for an outpatient procedure.


Technical specifications

power: 100 – 240V (50/60Hz)
AC Cooling medium: CO2 – 78°C or N2O-89°
Dimensions: 39/42/19
Weight: 11kg

User friendly interface

Cryo-S Painless is controlled by a microprocessor and all the parameters are displayed and monitored on a LCD screen. Cryoprobe temperature, cylinder pressure, gas flow inside of cryobrobe and procedure time are displayed during freezing.