Ceek Women’s Health

Nella NuSpec ™

Reusable Vaginal Speculum with integrated sidewall retractors.

Product Information

99% of women prefer the NuSpec over a metal speculum

Patient and Provider Preferred.

Improved cervical visibility for patients with sidewall laxity

Increased comfort2 for all patients, especially adolescent, menopausal or cancer survivors

Minimized anxiety and discomfort for first-time or sensitive patients

Improved Cervical Visibility

Integrated sidewall retractors retain lax or redundant tissue.

Protect sidewalls during procedure.

Ergonomic & Efficient Workflow

Our autoclavable medical-grade polymer is smooth and temperature neutral—no lubricant or warming required, reducing prep time.

A symmetrical, ergonomic handle with a simple toggle lock makes one-handed use a cinch.

Comfortable Patient, Happy Patient

As narrow as a regular tampon, the NuSpec also operates quietly and without that dreaded cold feeling, keeping patients comfortable and at ease.