Bariatric Solutions International

Bariatric Solutions International is renowned in the field of Bariatric Surgery for more than a decade now.

It has developed a portfolio of alternative, innovative products.

Offers solutions for Banded Gastric Bypass, Banded Sleeve, Gastrectomy, Gastric Banding, instruments, and more.

Product Information

MiniMizer Ring

MiniMizer Ring:
In banded gastric bypass and banded gastric sleeve a non-adjustable gastric ring should be used which should be easy to place, have the correct size for that particular patient, should be visible on X-ray and be safe

MiniMizer Extra Gastric Band:
The development of the MiniMizer Extra adjustable gastric band is the result of intensive collaboration with various surgeons. Practical surgical issues have been identified, analyzed and brought to the drawing board of our Swiss engineers.

MiniMizer Ring
MiniMizer Ring

Pinky Trigger:
The Pinky Trigger is a unique reusable 5mm laparoscopic instrument, which can servce various purposes.

P. Galore Band Introducer:
When you are used to work witht he classical Goldfinger, this is the reusable instrument you have been looking for.

MiniMizer Ring
Green MAMBA - Liver Retractor

Green MAMBA-Liver Retractor
Proven Endoflex technology, deployment in 4 turns, brought to you at affordable prices by your partners in bariatric surgery.                  Validated disinfection & sterilization process.

Calibration Tube:
Gastric Calibration tubes come in various sorts and sizes: ranging from plain blunt suction cannula to sophisticated tubes with lighting and stomach stretching wires or balloons.

MiniMizer Ring

Technical specifications

power: 100 – 240V (50/60Hz)
AC Cooling medium: CO2 – 78°C or N2O-89°
Dimensions: 39/42/19
Weight: 11kg

User friendly interface

Cryo-S Painless is controlled by a microprocessor and all the parameters are displayed and monitored on a LCD screen. Cryoprobe temperature, cylinder pressure, gas flow inside of cryobrobe and procedure time are displayed during freezing.