APOLLO – Smart Convertible Retractor

The APOLLO – smart convertible retractor is an easy-to-use medical device for minimal-invasive surgery.

Can be used in general surgery, urology, gynecology and thoracic surgery.

Product Information

APOLLO features

This unique medical device can be con-verted from minimal-invasive surgery to mini-laparotomy or vice versa. APOLLO convertible provides multifunctional access into the human body with many customized features.

Transpart Silicone:
for better visibility and safe handling of laparoscopic instruments

Detachable Sealing Valves:
all sealing valves can be unscrewed to enlarge the seal after removing one sealing valve completely, the working channel enables quick and easy large specimen removal, insertion of large laparoscopic instruments such as 25 mm circular staplers and furthermore, it is compatible with large robotic trocars

Smart Tubing:
3 chamber tube for smart CO2 managementconnects the Inner Ring to the Controller Unitprevents the optic lens f rom fogging up

Ambient Light:
it is an additional safety feature, it provides a better overview of the surgical field and makes the crucial difference to the convertible steps of an operation

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