ADL & RAR with AngiodinProcto™

AngiodinProcto™ device with LDL-2 for surgical treatment of hemorrhoids stage.

Minimal invasive surgery without any resection !

Product Information

Angiodin™ technique or “ADL” Artery Detection Ligation:

The purpose of the device allows determining the localization of the artery, and the depth of its occurrence. The display of ‘Angiodin-Procto’ reflects the graphical characteristic of the pulse wave typical for artery or flow wave for vein. The device also allows performing a diagnostic Dopplerometry.

  • No severe complication described
  • Treatment for stage 2 to 4 (International classification)
  • Less painfull comparing to the alternative techniques
  • Gesture of the surgeon more precise and documented(medico-legal files)
  • Reproductible technique and per-operative visibility unmatched (operating time shorter)
  • Day-surgery


  • The cover of the distal part of the proctoscope could be removed turning the LDL-2 into anal retractor.
  • Doppler piezo position distal to the operating window.
  • Working channel in round stretching the mucosa in order to facilitate identification and manipulation within the working channel.
  • Single « all in one » connection cable with the Doppler Unit.


Multi modes

The system works with three different types of ultrasound emission: continuous wave (CW) & pulsed wave (PW), and also gives two different imaging modes of the reflected ultrasonic signal (Spectral – CW / PW and Colour mapping-M or M + PW).


With a combination of traditional continuous-wave (CW) and advanced Doppler methods of blood flow location like PW, M, M+PW modes, AngiodinProcto allows the operator to perform a quick and precise identification of the haemorrhoidal arteries.

In combination with the LDL2 Led lighted proctoscope AngiodinProcto allows unmatched precise control and accessibility to perform safe and effective surgical treatment of haemorrhoidal stage 2 and stage 3 disease.

The control of the device is done by a touchscreen, manually as well as with a 4 switch pedal.

Product Specs