All of Epimed’s spring-reinforced epidural catheters are constructed of surgical-grade stainless steel spring. The uncoated tips are flexible, smooth, and rounded. Distal coils are slightly spread for maximum flexibility and lateral distribution of injectate. Our catheters have enhanced tensile strength and resist longitudinal breakage. Inherent memory in the spring coils reduces kinking and collapsing. In addition, these catheters are radiopaque and include the Racz® Bend Marks* to better highlight key navigational reference marks.


Epimed develops and manufactures several versions of specialty epidural needles. Our needles are designed to reduce the risk of potential needle-catheter complications, such as catheter shearing. Our line of epidural needles includes the patented RX Coudé®, RX-2 along with the FIC, and R.K.™ needles. The needles are radiopaque with visible depth markings and have printed arrows on the hub indicating the direction of the bevel to assist in placement.



Disposable CannulaeDisposable Cannulae for Radiofrequency Lesion
The isolated cannulae are available in three different sizes and with differently isolated acitve tips. Colour codes on the boxes indicate the length and make it easy to find the right size.A special coating and grinding allows the cannulae to penetrate the skin softly. Because of its outstanding material the cannulae are also applicable for use in deeper body tissues.